The most important resource an art college can offer is its faculty. All of the Academy’s studio faculty members are professional artists who understand the level of individual attention an art student requires. United in their belief in the school’s mission to provide a contemporary focus on the traditions and history of the fine arts, they have dedicated themselves to proven traditional methods of instruction that have been developed over the centuries. This focus will allow students to develop a foundation of skills and knowledge to last a lifetime and illuminate their creative future.

Name of faculty – Qualification
Prof. N.D.VICHARE (Principal) – MFA (Applied Art)
Lect. T.L.NAIK – G.D.ART (Applied Art)
Lect. S.S. GOVEKAR – BFA (Applied Art)
Lect. J.T.NAIK – BFA (Applied Art)
Lect. S.R.VALKE – BFA (Applied Art)
Lect. S.S. VETE –BFA (Applied Art)
Lect. M.L. SAWANT – MFA (Applied Art)
Lect. N.N. KULKARNI- MVA (Applied Art)
Lect. N.J.VAGHELA – P.D.VIS.A (Applied Art)

Late Prof. Baburao Sadvelkar- Ex. Director of Art,
Govt. of Maharashtra & Ex. Dean, Sir J. J. School of art, Mumbai
Prof .V.S.Nibre - First Principal of B.S.Bandekar college of Fine Art (A.A)
Late Prof. Nagpurkar - Ex. Prof. of Sir J. J. School of Applied art
Shri. Raj Thackeray – International cartoonist
Prof. Anant Kulkarni - Ex.Prof.Sir.J.J.I.A.A. & Illustrator
Prof.Sunil Nandoskar - Prof.Sir.J.J.I.A.A. & Illustrator
Prof.Vinay Saynekar - Prof.Sir.J.J.I.A.A.

Prof. Achyut Palav – Ex.Prof.Sir.J.J.I.A.A. & International Calligrapher
Prof. Prajakta Parvatikar – Rachana Sansad Collage of AA&C
Prof. Santosh Mayekar - Prof.Sir.J.J.I.A.A. & Illustrator
Prof. Ranjan Joshi - Ex.Prof.Sir.J.J.I.A.A.
Mr. Nilesh Jadhav – Illustrator of Indian Express group
Mr. Santosh Tari – Art director of Discovery advt. Goa

Prof. N. D. Vichare
Date of Birth: 07-11-1949
Academic qualifications (with field of specialization): Master of Fine art (by research), (Applied Art)
Specialization - Illustration (Applied Art)
Details of Experience (Academic/Industrial): 36 years of Teaching Experience in Applied Art
(Including 5 years of PG level M.F.A. Degree Course)
Date of the appointment in the present institution: 4th August 2008

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